Jan. 8th, 2010

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Radiation and Reason By Wade Allison - if you have time to read this book, there is a limited preview on google which gives you the gist of what he's talking about.. I'd be interested if somebody else would read it and discuss what they think!

This is a very reputable academic who has re-analysed the threats and dangers of nuclear power (ie as a source of electricity) in the light of what we know now, and contends that it is substantially safer than we realise..

I'm having trouble picking holes in his reasoning although I would quite like to as my knee jerk reaction is to be terrified of nuclear power, the same way as everyone growing up in the 60s and 70s was. I used to work designing the logic for safety systems (one of which was used in sellafield - after the meltdown I hasten to add) and the level of care in design, maintenance and calibration was intense.

Anyway, it is interesting - and topical, in that Britain will most likely be getting a lot more nuclear capability over the next few years. Thoughts?

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