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Privatise the post office
Constitutional reform - reduce number of MPs/constituencies by 50, add loads of Torys to the House of Lords, making it harder for them to be unelected.
End the right for appeals to be launched against boundary changes.
Push through bill for 5 year, fixed term parliaments.
Accept millions in funding from overseas tax exiles - including the brothers who own JCB and Lord Ashcroft.
Introduce the use of unmanned spy drones throughout UK airspace, facilitating an expansion of covert surveillance that could provide intelligence on future demonstrations.
"Militarisation" strategy to counter the threat of civil disorder, involving private defence firms.
Arrange £10bn (and rising) of loans to Irish banks (not to the irish people..)
Kettle under 18s for 9 hours when they try to march peacefully on whitehall.
Then use horses to charge them when they can't get out of the way (the police later swore this hadn't happened until footage made its way onto youtube)
Refuse to limit bankers bonuses or implement the Tobin tax despite clear pre and post election promises that they would do so.
Cut funding to charities
Cut legal aid on divorce, housing, debt and immigration
Cut funding to build social housing
End tenancies for life in social housing
End cheap rents in social housing
Reduce housing benefit to levels lower than rent, then redefine homelessness so that families made homeless won't need to be housed.
Give job centre employees the chance to remove benefits from families for up to 3 years.
Reduce tax credits for working families, including scheme to pay contribution towards child care
Remove child benefit from women whose partners pay higher rate tax regardless of how little they earn themselves
Allow councils to decide whether they will give council tax rebates to the unemployed or not
Remove index link to out of work benefits so they don't go up with inflation
Assume anybody is fit to work if they can move their arms and legs (including people receiving treatment for cancer)
Reduce obligation on Councils to look after seriously ill and disabled people
Redefine "seriously ill" and "disabled"
Take mobility allowance away from anybody living in any type of care home
Cut council budgets by a third putting at least half a million people out of work
Re-brand anybody who is out of work as a "scrounger"
Stop councils from raising council tax or any other funds (except borrowing)
Stop councils from recording performance so that the public can't easily see what services they are losing
Raid the pensions of public sector workers
Put the pension age up
Introduce "NEST" - a compulsory pension scheme for low paid workers with 2 percent in fees, no choice of fund, and no guaranteed income at retirement.
Reduce employment rights
Reduce Health and Safety obligations on businesses
Increase VAT to 20%
Reduce corporation taxes (including letting Vodaphone off a tax bill of over 6 BILLION pounds)
Change planning laws to enable big developers to build all over green belt land
Sell off the country's forests and waterways to businesses
Cut funding to universities and require them to make all of their money from business and students fees..
..resulting in fees of up to £9000 a year and more places offered to overseas students leaving less places for UK students.
Cut funding to Further Education colleges by about 25%
Cut Educational Maintenance Allowance EMA which paid £30 a week for poorer students to buy books and transport.
Stop budget for building schools even though there are not enough places in 20% of schools for children in their catchment area and most schools have at least some lessons in portacabins already.
Break up the NHS and force hospitals to bid against private companies to provide services
Remove NICE, the body which checks that new medicines are safe and work, allowing pharmaceutical companies to directly market to GPs.
Abolish the Food Standards Agency and invite Diago, McDonalds and PepsiCo to help write UK Health policy
Privatise anything public that hasn't already been privatised.

Ambitious lot aren't they.
Have I missed anything?
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