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the UK Decay gig was fucking epic they're just a wall of sound, I could feel the kick drum in my breastbone. Its such an honour to get to play with them.
Our set went really well too, Loopy and I had this kindof cypress hill thng going on singing, I'm glad now we don't practise much because it was all adlib and came out sounding pretty fucking awesome. Lots of old punks came up afterwards and said they liked us. I wore my tin army hat and jumped up and down. Matt had a policemans hat with a flashing light and Steve had a tiny bowler hat. Loopy was all pink leopard print and mohawk. Sparrow came up on stage to do ASBO kid and there was a lot of camp showboating going on. I'm relying on nicola to have taken photos of it all for posterity.

Haven't done so many gigs recently but they've all been top notch, we don't really make many mistakes anymore and it's so good to just do it and have it work and be able to enjoy it while it's happening rather than concentrating so hard that it's all gone in a blur.

Really good night although I do think in retrospect I might have had a little more energy if I hadn't got twatted at the George last night. These days I need to conserve my energy :)
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